Colliers Moss

Colliers Moss Common is a 4-mile walking route situated within Saint Helens which suffered from environmental vandalism leaving the area in an unsafe state.

The area was created on the previous bolder colliery and power station. Working with Mersey Forest we developed a plan to restore areas of the site and create new features for walkers and the local community to enjoy.

  • CLIENTMersey Forest

  • LOCATIONColliers Moss Common, Saint Helens, WA9 4AT

  • SERVICESLeisure Space Development, Woodland Walk, Land Remediation

The Process

Over the years remnants of the colliers and power station had become exposed on-site, this included asbestos pipes which are extremely dangerous to locals. These pipes were safely removed from the site however this left void space that needed to be backfilled.

To fill the void space, we adopted our sustainable model of recycling local construction soils. Over 150,000 tonnes of suitable material were imported to address the void and provided the funding Mersey Forest needed to complete the development.

As part of the remediation works the recycled soils were also shaped and contoured to create new walkways and viewing mounds to improve the area walking experience.

colliers moss lower
Mersey gateway environmental trust

We can already see changes shortly after the removal of the material – early colonisers are starting to emerge on the salt marsh and we are expecting a fully established salt marsh vegetation in the next years. The installed ponds add important features to the marsh, contributing to the diversity of species attracted to the salt marsh, in particular estuarine birds.

Mersey gateway environmental trust
Andrea Drewitt Biodiversity Manager - Mersey Gateway Bridge


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