Open Spaces

Booth Golf & Leisure can create natural platforms that are needed for outdoor open spaces that can be enjoyed by local communities and ecosystems. using our approach of recovering soils from local development sites to provide the material and funding needed to build the desired topography.

We work directly with landowners and businesses in creating outdoor spaces that maximise the potential of their resources through a sustainable approach of recovering soils that provides the materials or potentially the funding for the

We can create a new environmental legacy with our complete service package that combines every design, plan, and build element into a single development service.

All our open space developments follow a sustainable method of recycling soils that allows for the creation of new outdoor leisure space which looks to improve the landscape aesthetics and ecology for environmental gains.

Don’t let your important land assets become redundant by creating new local amenities that will be the hub of a community whilst continuing to preserve the natural environment.

  • Nature Reserves
  • Natural Trails
  • Outdoor Walks
  • Parks
  • Forests
  • Landscape Design
  • Planning & Environmental Permissions
  • Natural Development
  • Soil Recycling
  • Managed Grow-in & Finishing

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